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Episode #29: The Journey of Becoming an Entrepreneur and Everything that Entails [The Other Mic]

Hey there!

In this episode, I’m introducing you to a new weekly segment we’ll be publishing with my husband, Jeremy, as the co-host. After many extensive conversations with Jeremy over entrepreneurship, what that looks like in our lives, and how that will look as we become parents, I figured he had a lot of offer from his perspective, both from that of a man, which I am not, the spouse of a zany entrepreneur, and a soon to be dad who will be managing a lot of the household responsibilities.

Welcome to the Other Mic! 😎🎙️

This first episode, we’re taking a trip down memory lane when it comes to how we knew we were pretty sure I needed to pursue entrepreneurship. We talk about the conversations we’ve had over the last four years, the red flags that pointed to me not working a conventional job, a bit about my quarter life crisis, and how we have maneuvered this space together in an international way.

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