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Episode #31: How We Keep Track of and Manage Business vs Personal Finances [The Other Mic]

Welcome to our weekly segment “The Other Mic”, where my husband Jeremy and I co-host the podcast to give you some tips and insights to help you and your family navigate the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship.

In this episode, we’re talking about how we keep track of and manage our business and personal finances.

When you’re first getting started, managing all of the moving pieces on your own can seem a little daunting and who wants to talk about money anyway?

Well, we do! In this episode we’ll cover questions like - do you need a separate bank for business? Does all the money you make go back into your business? How do I know what I owe for taxes each quarter? By the way, what are quarterly taxes?!

While it’s not a sexy topic, as an entrepreneur it’s important to become savvy about your money and know what’s going on weekly, monthly, etc. not only for the sake of your business goals but for your personal goals as well.

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