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Episode #32: Understanding the Most Popular Genres of Voiceover and What They Pay

In this episode, we’re talking about rates - what it costs for you to record, edit and submit audio files to clients based on the genre, run time, market, and more per VO project. Understanding what genres of VO you could get hired for and what the payout looks like for each one will help you determine which genres of VO are worth your time and abilities based on your current schedule when it comes to VO.

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For those of you out there who may be a little intimidated by or lacking faith in yourselves for not getting the amount of work you thought you might when you first started, let Alison’s story be a message to you. Keep at it. If you really want to pursue VO whether that’s part time or full time, we all start somewhere, acting background or not, it can be difficult to figure out your stride in the beginning. But I promise, if you stick with it, check in with yourself and remain honest about your abilities and what you can offer clients, you will find your place in VO. 

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